About GitNotebooks

GitNotebooks is a GitHub App designed to enhance collaboration and code reviews for Jupyter Notebook users storing their files in GitHub.

Why GitNotebooks?

Reviewing Jupyter notebooks in GitHub can be challenging, historically GitHub has displayed notebook diffs as JSON files, which can be difficult to read and understand. While GitHub has recently released a notebook diff preview, it still lacks the ability to comment on the diffs. GitNotebooks solves this problem by providing a rich, visual interface for reviewing and commenting on Jupyter notebook changes directly within GitHub pull requests.

Key Features

Comparison with ReviewNB

While ReviewNB is a dominant player in this space, GitNotebooks offers a competitive alternative with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Visual notebook diffs
Line comments✓*
Cell comments
Comment on left and right
Free for private repos

*ReviewNB tracks comments per cell, and achieves line comments by copying the contents of the line and pasting into the top of the comment.